Rooftop Whimsy Styled Shoot at The National Hellenic Museum


Chicago Style Weddings

1/25/20241 min read

Bride holding wedding bouquet made by MJM Occasions
Bride holding wedding bouquet made by MJM Occasions

Step into a world where whimsy takes center stage, as Baroj Events orchestrates a styled shoot that transcends the ordinary. Vibrant and lively, the celebration bursts forth with a kaleidoscope of colors, from the bride's baby blue shoes to meticulously crafted invitation suites and floral arrangements. Rojin Babayan, the creative mind behind Baroj Events, explains, "Every fine detail was hand-picked to add a touch of magic to every moment, reflecting the stunning spectrum of colors that defines life itself."

Yet, this captivating tale goes beyond its visually stunning façade. Nestled within the vibrant hues is a commitment to sustainability, transforming the celebration into an eco-friendly affair. The team took conscious steps to tread lightly on the planet, sourcing local blooms, adopting a no-foam method for floral arrangements, and embracing vintage table settings for the reception. MJM Occasions played a crucial role in this sustainable vision, employing their expertise to utilize a no-foam method, avoiding non-biodegradable materials during the preparation of floral arrangements. Every element, from start to finish, utilized compostable and recyclable materials, a testament to the shoot's dedication to minimizing ecological impact while infusing joy into every frame. In this whimsical world, beauty not only unfolds in a riot of colors but also in the thoughtful harmony between celebration and environmental consciousness.

Baroj Events invites you to witness a celebration where joy meets responsibility, proving that weddings can be both whimsical and sustainable. This styled shoot is a testament to the magic that unfolds when creativity and environmental consciousness dance hand in hand. From the playful palette to the eco-friendly choices, each detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of a celebration that not only dazzles the eye but also warms the heart with its commitment to a greener, more enchanting future.